It was 2008 when I started fiddling with Photoshop and building fanlistings. Before I was capable of purchasing my own domain, I had been hosted by kind people all over the net. :) My first host was Danielle of 06am.net, in which she hosted me at beth.beirra.org and generously let me use beirra.org for 1-2 years. When she couldn’t host me anymore, I was really fortunate to have met Nekoi Echizen of ethereal-world.net, who bought me fuwante.net and shared her webspace with me. Then, when Nekoi couldn’t host me any longer, I switched to a free host at crystalorb.netne.net with the help of my cousin Sara.

When I was able to afford a domain name, I purchased skycrown.org and applied for free hosting at Host my Heart. A year after that, I bought sapphire.nu to serve as my Pokémon domain. Following that, I got fireslash.org with plans for it to host fanlistings and tributes dedicated to my long list of fictional boyfriends. ;) After 3 years of being hosted with Host my Heart, I switched to a shared hosting plan at Arvixe and received a free domain symphonious.org, which became my domain collective. In early 2017, I got into the Haikyuu!! fandom and impulsively purchased nishinoya.org because the name was available and I have plans to make a dedication to the Guardian Deity of Karasuno’s volleyball club.

Fun fact! My first fanlisting was the Drifloon fanlisting and I still have it under my care today. Drifloon is my most favourite 4th gen Pokémon and somehow, it indirectly guided me into the world of web designing. Yes, I used to own a petty Drifloon Club hosted on Freewebs (now known as Webs). xD