19th February 2018

I deeply apologize for the lack of activity on my sites because ever since I started working, I hardly have time to rest or indulge in my hobbies. I originally purchased nishinoya.org (on a whim) to house a tribute to said character of the Haikyuu!! series because I’m so much in love with him but after a year of not touching Photoshop or my sites, I’ve decided to let the domain go. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like Noya-san anymore, he is still my precious libero son and if I ever wanna make a tribute dedicated to him, I’ll have it hosted on my existing domains. :) Another reason of letting go the domain name is because I am trying to cut down on expenses because now that I’ve started working, I am technically supporting myself with my own pay.

I’ve also closed my Pokémon shrines linkage page because I’m hardly following online sitely updates anymore and hence, updating the list is tough. I am also considering to cut down on my fanlistings and revamp my main domains. This may happen this month, or the next, or maybe next year. xD Well, the take-home note is that updates only happen when I have the time, motivation and inspiration to actually get things done. If there is a need to contact me, feel free to shoot me an email at beirra at gmail dot com or tweet to triorbs at twitter dot com. ♥

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