25th March 2017

Overall, March has been a productive month for me since I did quite a number of layout revamps and name changes for my fanlistings. I am slowly working towards presenting clean and simple designs for all my sites. :) The fanlistings that received layout changes this month are Jolteon, Drifblim, Tadase, Arthur Kirkland, Yamato, Piyomon, Flaaffy, Drifloon, Latias, Latios, Swablu, Torchic, Death the Kid, Flygon and Takeru.

I also finally got my layout archive up after a whole day (and night) of screenshotting every layout I had online. It was a pity that I could not find any older layouts from the beirra.org and fuwante.net era, or any layouts for my closed fanlistings in the early 2010s. Next, I got approved to run the Japan (Honda Kiku) fanlisting! I was so excited for this approval that I finished the layout and buttons overnight! :P I also gave fireslash.org a new layout despite changing the layout recently because I wanted a more simplistic design for the one-paged domain. :)

5th March 2017

I started working on a major layout revamp for sapphire.nu about a month ago and today, I have finally finished the layout and tweaked some of the content! The Dazzling Ocean Studio has a brand new look featuring the beautiful sceneries of the Alola region! :D Most importantly, now my network page is full of gorgeous images of Pokémon and Trainers! I’ve also added new link back buttons featuring pretty TCG art of Pokémon introduced in Gen 7.

3rd March 2017

I’m eternally grateful to Honey for granting me a huge wishlister by entrusting me with the Coca-Cola (Coke) fanlisting. You have no idea how much I am addicted to Coke! 8’D Also, words are not enough to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Rems who generously entrusted me with the Glaceon (Glacia) fanlisting! ;w; I am actually quite surprised to get both of these fanlistings done by today; it’s such a wonderful day for me today! ^u^ If this momentum keeps up, I might be able to revamp some fanlistings this weekend so stay tuned! :)

26th February 2017

So, here’s the February recap post! :D I’m very grateful to be the new owner of the Teen Titans: Raven fanlisting. I’m actually not quite satisfied with the layout (yet) but this will do at the moment. I had wanted something different from what I usually code so it resulted in a one-page layout with pop-up fancy boxes. I also finally, FINALLY made a few 50px by 50px codes for Atsushi, Dazai-san and Kunikida-san. 8’D I also plan to give my BSD babies new layouts, soon, hopefully...

11th February 2017

Thanks to a random spur of inspiration and some motivation, I’ve managed to give fireslash.org a brand new layout featuring the main cast of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. I’ve also added new link back buttons for the domain and hope to work on more boyfriend male character tributes in the future. I would also like to officially introduce Amity Square, my Pokémon shrine/tribute linkage page. I’m super duper happy to see a huge number of dedications to my most cherished fandom of all time all listed in one page! :D

10th February 2017

Welcome to the updates blog of skycrown.org, sapphire.nu and fireslash.org, which was previously situated at Tumblr. :D Since I’m a very fickle person, I decided that it would be better for my updates log to be housed under one of my domains. Another reason for the change was that my computer always loads Tumblr very slowly and it actually pains me to wait if I wanted to edit one of my posts. I am also planning to move my layout archive to be hosted under skycrown.org as soon as I find suitable images for the site’s layout.