31st December 2018

It’s already the end of 2018 and all my sites are as they were since 2017. xD The only updates that I did this year were giving new layouts to fireslash.org and the Nakajima Atsushi fanlisting. Other than that, I did some spring cleaning and closed 20+ fanlistings this year. I will continue cutting down my online sites until I reach the point when I believe can sustain them, given my career nature and hectic oncall schedules. My interests are also slowly shifting but I still do hope to keep web designing as a hobby (to destress during leisure time, HELL YEA!), hence I won’t be closing everything, I’ll just be cutting down until a sustainable level. :)

I have also turned my network update Twitter account into my art/gaming/K-pop/merch account. The account used to be my site updates account (it still is and will still be, don’t worry) but now I’m adding new purposes to use this account for art reblog/merch purchase/game trades, since it’s a public account and everyone can see the tweets there. ♥

19th February 2018

I deeply apologize for the lack of activity on my sites because ever since I started working, I hardly have time to rest or indulge in my hobbies. I originally purchased nishinoya.org (on a whim) to house a tribute to said character of the Haikyuu!! series because I’m so much in love with him but after a year of not touching Photoshop or my sites, I’ve decided to let the domain go. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like Noya-san anymore, he is still my precious libero son and if I ever wanna make a tribute dedicated to him, I’ll have it hosted on my existing domains. :) Another reason of letting go the domain name is because I am trying to cut down on expenses because now that I’ve started working, I am technically supporting myself with my own pay.

I’ve also closed my Pokémon shrines linkage page because I’m hardly following online sitely updates anymore and hence, updating the list is tough. I am also considering to cut down on my fanlistings and revamp my main domains. This may happen this month, or the next, or maybe next year. xD Well, the take-home note is that updates only happen when I have the time, motivation and inspiration to actually get things done. If there is a need to contact me, feel free to shoot me an email at beirra at gmail dot com or tweet to triorbs at twitter dot com. ♥

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