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you traded your baseball cap for a crown

To me, ‘sky’ symbolises three things: freedom, heaven and the element of air. Likewise, ‘crown’ also symbolises three things: royalty, elegance and love stories with happy endings.

(1) FREEDOM, where one can fly endlessly in the vast space accompanied by clouds. For example, in Card Captor Sakura, there is a Clow Card named the Fly which gives Sakura the ability to soar high up into the skies. In Digimon Adventure, there’s Piyomon and her digivolution line that are digital monsters resembling birds. To top that up, my favourite Digi-destined is Takenouchi Sora and Piyomon is her partner. Well, I’m not sure I took a liking towards Sora first or Piyomon first. xD There’s also Tailmon that digivolves into Angewomon, an angel-like digital monster with the power of the light crest. (Can you feel the implication of heaven here?) Besides, Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans that have the ability to levitate and fly around the battlefield. Did I mention that you can ride on Pokémon and fly to visited cities around the region in Pokémon games? When I was younger, I wished that I could fly so that I could visit every country of the world. Right now, it is still a dream of mine to travel around the world, and I will definitely work hard to achieve that dream of mine!

(2) HEAVEN, a place where complete bliss, happiness, peace and tranquility is found. Have you ever noticed in TV shows that legendary (and powerful) ruins, sacred shrines or temples where monks or shaolin warriors train at are located high up on the mountains, amongst the clouds and very close to the skies? Sometimes, these places might just be out in the open where there are no buildings to obstruct the view of the gorgeous blue sky, and when you think of those places, you think of spiritual balance, training to grow stronger and to seek the meaning of life. I’ve always been fascinated with the sight of ancient ruins and also shaolin warriors training. As I’m typing this paragraph, I’m actually thinking of Avatar: The Legend of Aang, Naruto, W.I.T.C.H. and Xiaolin Showdown. Heaven is also used to describe a place where you feel happy just by being there. When you’re happy, there are no limits in your sights. What I am trying to say is that this domain is like the sky, vast and limitless, where I have plenty of room and ways to showcase my love towards a variety of fandoms. :D Come to think of it, Tenten’s name (from Naruto) literally means heavenly heaven, and she’s such a sweet girl.

(3) ELEMENT OF AIR, which is beautifully and creatively utilised in animated series like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Naruto, Pokémon and even Card Captor Sakura. Not just the art of airbending captivated my heart, even the feisty earthbending and aggressive firebending styles impressed me while I watched A:TLA with my brother at a young age. But since the main character of A:TLA is Aang and he’s an airbender, the first thing that comes to mind naturally is the element of air, Aang’s core element. Temari from the popular animanga series Naruto also gained my attention and respect with her wind-manipulating skills during her battle with Tenten and Shikamaru. When you mention element of air, I’ll definitely think of the Flying-type Pokémon and their respective attacks in the Pokémon games. My personal favourite Flying-type Pokémon are Swablu and Altaria from the Hoenn region because just look at them — they so represent what I love! Clouds (or cottons? xD) as their wings and body colours like the gentle light blue sky in summer. :D There’s also the Windy from Card Captor Sakura, a favourite and commonly used card of Sakura, which is also one of the four powerful elemental cards in the Clow Card deck alongside the Dark and the Light.

(4) ROYALTY, not just princesses but also those who live with dignity. Undeniably, crowns usually symbolise those of royalty, but they can also be associated with a leader who guides his/her team well (just like how a king commands his country well). In my opinion, those of royalty have royal blood that are passed down from their ancestors, just like the term ‘kekkei genkai’ of Naruto, literally meaning bloodline limit, in which abilities or techniques of specific clans are limited to inheritance by blood. And most of the ‘kekkai genkai’, especially the Sharingan, are cool. Come back to the focal point, I adore a couple of princesses that helped inspired the word ‘crown’ such as Princess Sakura, Starfire (Princess of Tamaran), Juliet Capulet and even Kobato (who is not a princess but — highlight for spoilers — she has a spiritual crown above her head that signifies her existing in the liminal state). Not forgetting Hinata Hyuuga who is the heiress to the Hyuuga Clan’s main house, Colette who is the Chosen One of Sylvarant and also Avatar Korra who is the immediate successor of Avatar Aang.

(5) ELEGANCE, the beauty, charm and grace that every girl (or guy) has. A few of my favourite Disney Princesses are Cinderella, Mulan and Rapunzel, and they are unique in their own way. It’s not just princesses that exhibit elegance; each and every character (male or female) possess a quality that defines them, sort of like Sakura Kinomoto’s bubbly and ‘everything will be alright’ personality is what that makes Sakura SAKURA. The characters that fall into my self-defined ‘elegant’ category are those who I deeply admired because they are able to maintain their calm and grace no matter the circumstances, such as Platinum Berlitz from the Pokémon Adventures (PokéSpe) manga, Misaki Harada from Gakuen Alice, Raven from Teen Titans, Katara from A:TLA, Tenten, Kurenai Yuuhi and Rin Nohara (I love this gorgeous kunoichi so much!) from Naruto. These fictional female characters have earned my respect for being able to be sharp and steady even in times of danger. It’s not easy, I know.

(6) HAPPILY EVER AFTER, where the boy and his girl end up together at the end of every fairytale. Because there’s always a happy ending for each animated movie I had watched during my childhood days. Some of my favourite Taylor Swift songs namely ‘Love Story’, ‘You Belong With Me’, ‘Mine’ and ‘Speak Now’ have happy endings. Well you see, those songs mentioned above tell a love story from the beginning to the end where everything works out perfectly. Most of the time, I would prefer happy endings in the books I read and shows I watch, especially those endings with heartfelt moments that move me to tears. :’) That’s why I love the relationship between Ruby and Sapphire of the Pokémon Special Adventures manga so much! I love the twist of plot that changed two kids who had been crushing on each other since young but failed to recognise each other when they met after again after 5 years. Anyhow, they still got along well, cared for one another and gradually fell for each other again. How sweet and heartwarming is that — to have your childhood crush and present crush to be the same person, and most importantly, fall for the same person the second time? Remember what Syaoran said to Sakura in the final Card Captor Sakura movie? “Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure that I’ll just fall in love with you all over again.” Awww~! My heart can’t take this anymore. xD

Having said that, means a lot to me because it thoroughly describes my fantasies since young, until the present. I hope that these factors that pushed me to purchase this name will in turn motivate me to keep working hard on my sites. :D In fact, I’m growing to love this domain more and more every day, so I will do my best to care for and maintain this precious domain in the years to come.