1st January 2019

Happy New Year, folks! :D As it’s a new year, there will be the mandatory new year resolutions. Since I started working as a healthcare professional, my web designing hobby has been pushed behind into the dust and even though most of my sites are up and running with functional layouts, I can’t help but feel sad that I had to leave them like that. Hence, starting from this year, slowly I will be cutting down on the sites that I own (although in fact, most of them are just fanlistings). In 2019, I would wish to close a lot of my fanlistings and if possible, only keep those subjects that are close to my heart (yes, I know I will have a hard time narrowing down but we’ll see).

After putting much thought into it, I would also be cutting down on my domains. I currently own four and I hardly ever utilise them so I’ve made the decision to cut down my domain to only one by the end of the year. Cutting down on domain names also slightly relieves my financial burden so why not? :) I still haven’t made up my mind which domain I should keep, but it’s either skycrown.org or sapphire.nu. Once I’ve decided which domain I would be keeping, I plan to move my sites to a cheaper host since I’ll be managing fewer (and smaller) sites. ♥

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